• Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

What happens when travelers test positive for Covid on vacation?

ByChip Z'Nuff

Oct 25, 2021

There’s no denying that going on vacation has become a lot more complicated due to Covid-19.

Well over a year into the pandemic, border restrictions are still constantly changing as new variants emerge, while PCR and antigen tests have become part and parcel of traveling. Many countries require travelers to produce negative Covid test results on entry, regardless of vaccination status, and in some cases take follow-up tests, while some destinations, including the US, require people to produce a negative test result before their return trip.

But what happens if you test positive after you’ve arrived in a new destination? This is a predicament that a number of travelers have found themselves in over the past year or so. Back in August, South Carolina couple April DeMuth and Warren Watson (pictured top) were getting ready to return to the US after a two-week trip to Greece when a positive Covid test result stopped them in their tracks.

“We took the test in the morning,” explains DeMuth. “So we’re in the airport, the agent is pulling us over so that we can check our luggage in and we’re pulling up our test results [on our phones]. That’s when he [Watson] said it.” Just hours before they were scheduled to board their flight back to the US, they discovered that Watson had tested positive for Covid-19.